Mäkelänkatu 54 A 601
00510 Helsinki, Finland
Tram stops Rautalammintie or Mäkelänkatu, lines 1 and 7.
Bus stops Hattulantie or Mäkelänrinne.

+358 40 860 0228

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Electronic invoicing

Lucy Loves Stories Oy / Y: 2666997-6 / VAT: FI26669976
Operator: OpusCapita Solutions Oy (E204503)
E-invoicing address: 003726669976
Electronic Data Interchange (OVT): 003726669976

Lucy Loves Drama Oy / Y: 2709733-2 / VAT: FI27097332
Operator: OpusCapita Solutions Oy (E204503)
E-invoicing address: 003727097332
Electronic Data Interchange (OVT): 003727097332

Additional information

Every invoice must have reference number, given by Lucy Loves for the production. Reference number consist of five digits and production name.
Minimum payment term is 14 days.

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