Mikko Kuparinen

Mikko is an internationally awarded film director & writer. His three last short films have all been awarded main prizes at major international film festivals. In 2012 Kuparinen was nominated as a "director to watch" by four Nordic leading film magazines. Mikko has also directed an award winning TV-movie Mobile Horror and two theatrical feature films.

He has also directed dozens of commercials since 2010. One of his recent work is a Voitto-shortlisted film for Veikkaus starring football legend Jari Litmanen.

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    Veikkaus - Lotto: Kylän kino

    Lucy Loves Stories, hasan & partners

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    Veikkaus - Lotto: Tommin autot

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    2 Nights till Morning - Trailer

    Mjölk Movies

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    Veikkaus - Lomatonni: Islanti

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    RAY - Istanbul

    Also Starring, KING

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    Sub / Big Brother - BB 2010 Jesse

    Kirnauskis 2.0

Multi-Layered Productions (MLP)

Lucy Loves Stories has been specialised in complex production models, achieving best possible value for the invested money. In all productions our main goal is to secure the highest level of storytelling. Our Creative Director works closely together with the Producers and continuing dialogue between Planners and our Production team together with the Advertiser makes us stand out from competitors. Recently, advertisers have been continuously asking more trusted partnerships for storytelling. We can produce all the video-, social media- and still photography content for a whole year’s needs. Working like this will secure brand’s goals and best possible value for the money. This model we call Multi-Layered Productions model (MLP). If you’d like to hear more about our way of working, please leave your email below and we’ll contact you personally.

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Kari Ylitalo

With over 15 years experience in high-end commercial photography and retouching, Kari has been working for clients such as Valio, DNA, Sonera, Finnair, Stockmann to name few. Kari has a passion to put a lot of effort to details, lighting, directing people and retouching creating atmospheres to support photographic storytelling. His area of expertise reach from lifestyle photography to complex photo compositions, from still life- and tabletop-photography to special cinematography with his custom made equipment. Kari loves challenges and will turn your wildest or most demanding ideas into emotional and memorable images.

Rent a RIB for shooting

Brig 700 navigator boat "Arnold S."
Length: 6,96 m / 23 ft
Max speed: 51 kn.
225 HP
Very seagoing
Camera eq. rigging points
Rent includes qualified operator & trailer