Rane Tiukkanen

Since 2000, Rane has been one of the most award-winning and trusted commercial film directors in Finland. He has continuously, for years, been winning dozens of prices for his clients, including multiple Voitto Grand Prix and Kultahuippu prizes. Tiukkanen has directed large and successful commercial campaigns also in England, Sweden and Germany. His campaign for Swedish Defence Forces was awarded for Silver Cannes Lion.

Besides directing, Rane Tiukkanen works as Lucy Loves Stories’ Creative Director and develops his skills regularly in script-writing and directing workshops overseas — USA and London for example. He has received the latest knowledge from Robert McKee, Judith Weston, John Truby, and the legendary Guillermo Arriaga.

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    Helsingin Sanomat - Aina Uutta

    Lucy Loves Stories

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    Veikkaus - Nalleretki

    Lucy Loves Stories, hasan&partners

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    Prismafanit - Koti

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    Prismafanit - Smoothie-hetki

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    Prismafanit - Mancave

    Lucy Loves Stories, Wörks

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    Prismafanit - Pääsiäinen

    Lucy Loves Stories, Wörks

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    Valio - Yhdessä pöydässä

    Lucy Loves Stories, Bob the Robot

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    Lidl - Kaiho

    Lucy Loves Stories, Folk Finland

  • Play video " title="Ei tartte säätää: pölynimurikauppias"> - Ei tartte säätää: pölynimurikauppias

    Lucy Loves Stories, Bob the Robot

  • Play video " title="Ei tartte säätää: sisämitta"> - Ei tartte säätää: sisämitta

    Lucy Loves Stories, Bob the Robot

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    Veikkaus - Jokerin paluu

    Motel Royal, TBWA\Helsinki

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    Ruotsin armeija - Forsvarsmakten

    It's Showtime, DDB Stockholm

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    DNA - Welho

    Motel Royal, SEK & GREY

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    ATG - V75

    It's Showtime, Akestam.holst Stockholm

Multi-Layered Productions (MLP)

Lucy Loves Stories has been specialised in complex production models, achieving best possible value for the invested money. In all productions our main goal is to secure the highest level of storytelling. Our Creative Director works closely together with the Producers and continuing dialogue between Planners and our Production team together with the Advertiser makes us stand out from competitors. Recently, advertisers have been continuously asking more trusted partnerships for storytelling.

We can produce all the video-, social media- and still photography content for a whole year’s needs. Working like this will secure brand’s goals and best possible value for the money. This model we call Multi-Layered Productions model (MLP).

If you’d like to hear more about our way of working, please leave your email below and we’ll contact you personally.

Thank you for your interest. We'll get in touch with you as soon as possible.


Oskari Hellman

Osku has been working with major Finnish advertising agencies and clients over 20 years. He has been creating images for most of the Finnish main corporate clients, such as Nokia, Outokumpu, Metso, Finnair, Valio, Veikkaus, Sanoma, Neste, Stora Enso, Fortum, Ilmarinen. Oskus expertise is wide, but he is most comfortable with classic advertising images with lots of retouching. On the other hand he has a passion for food and drinks as well. Osku has been awarded many times with Kultahuippu and Hopeahuippu and also with Kultajyvä and Hopeajyvä awards.

Rent a RIB for shooting

Brig 700 navigator boat "Arnold S."
Length: 6,96 m / 23 ft
Max speed: 48 kn.
225 HP
Very seagoing
Camera eq. rigging points
Rent includes qualified operator & trailer


Production Service

We offer also Production Service through our co-owned company Münchhausen Productions OÜ. Münchhausen has offices in Estonia, Latvia and Spain. Our highly skilled professionals will help you produce high-end content. Please feel free to contact our Production Service people via the link below.