Emilia Hernesniemi

Emilia Hernesniemi (born 1983) is a director from the suburbs of the city of Oulu. Hernesniemi has a MA degree from Aalto University in fashion. She led a brand called R/H with her colleague for 13 years. Over those years she worked in international context in Berlin, Paris & Copenhagen. Part of her responsibility at R/H was the photo and film shoots for her company as she planned, directed and executed those materials.

After twenty years in the field of fashion she applied and got into Aalto University, this time to study documentary film directing. Her first short film Hei Hei Tornio won the 2021 Jussi award for best short film among many other prices, and was accepted into several international film festivals.

In her work Hernesniemi portraits the unseen, invisible emotion and atmosphere. Her aesthetics is carefully curated combination of beauty and roughness, curiosity, human realism and northern avant-garde.