Freelance Director & Photographer

Iiris Sjöblad

I started to take photos when I was thirteen. First I took photos of myself and my friends, then slowly I started to shoot other topics as well. Camera is an important tool for me to express my emotions and to explore the world around me and to stay vulnerable in front of life itself.

Today I work as a Director, Photographer and Cinematographer. I am always looking for a certain truth in my work. I love to bring a piece of truth to each story and photo work – something, perhaps and emotion or recognizable human behavior or a connotation that we can actually identify to, no matter how fictional the story and setup might be. Then again, I also love to bring fantasies and dreams alive and enjoy bold usage of color.

I think we can make the world a bit more meaningful place to live in by showing relatable stories and emotions on screens. In addition to truth, dreams and emotions, diversity and inclusion are important topics for me. The world still needs to give more space for people who’s voice has been oppressed throughout the history of mankind. I live my life having my eyes, ears and heart open and I try to bring that knowledge alive through my visual work.

Teamwork is dreamwork.