We create brand stories that move people.

We produce – and when needed scriptwrite and develop ideas into – audiovisual marketing stories for all media channels regardless of style and genre. We get our kicks from the passion of moving people, their minds and hearts, by influential, quality content. We are fueled by the emotional activation of people and brands in different points of contact. 

Our experienced team builds bespoke stories with a service attitude that exceeds expectations. We adapt our process to your needs and budget without compromising quality of work. As pioneers of Multi-Layered Productions (MLP) we offer a seamless coproduction of all audiovisual assets required for the modern media landscape.

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What is Multi-Layered Production?

Lucy Loves Stories was the first in the Finnish market to combine moving and still images in one production to achieve the best storytelling and production value.  We call this Multi Layered Production (MLP) and we believe it offers the best channel agnostic storytelling for our clients.

Based on covering all audiovisual assets needed in one production, we create a workflow that retains the brand essence in every material. Our specialty is our collaborative process in planning and optimising all productions in a way where we can attain the highest storytelling and production level for a competitive price. In the ever widening media landscape the requirement to have full control of brand assets increases. 

We are an experienced and trustworthy partner for omnichannel production needs. With MLP we secure both the brand promise and best production value for money.  

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