Freelance Director

Silja Minkkinen

I’m a passionate media creator thriving for an all sense tingling emotion. My background as a dancer shows, as music and rhythm play a big part in my work. I am most inspired by teenagers and insects. My motto is ”if you can smell the film when looking at it, it’s done right.”

I am not about the latest fashion or camera gear, but interested in telling the story in a visually spellbinding way, by using strong colours and film aesthetics. My style is playful yet powerful.

I am a natural team leader, having gained experience in all parts of film production, from producing to lighting, and filming to art directing. I’ve worked with various different projects, from directing musicvideos, to creating visual identities to labels, and have experience from fashion to corporate videos, and everything in between. I got an honor mention from Grafia as Rising Star by Finland’s most significant creative design competition Vuoden Huiput 2020.

As a person I’m a mix between a social butterfly well blended in the art bubble of Helsinki, and a curious outdoor explorer, wildlife enthusiast. My interests lie in arts, cultural projects, nature, and real people. I am always eager to tell a story and express my wildest ideas.