Inari Niemi

Inari is talented at directing actors, her goal is always as subtle and accurate acting work as possible. She wants her work to create emotion and inclusion On top of directing films and TV, she continues to concentrate also on commercials. With her work, she wants to evoke feelings and an experience of recognition in the viewer. In addition to drama, Inari also wants to focus on commercial films in the future.

”As a director, I love both comedy and drama, and I think psychological accuracy is at the core of both genres. Understanding the human mind is my aspiration and inspiration as a filmmaker, and it is the key to truly reaching the viewer, whether the work is a movie, TV series or commercial. For me, the short length of commercial films is a challenge to condense the atmosphere as densely as possible, to get the perception as accurate as possible and to hone the rhythm to its peak. One look can tell everything, and in seemingly small moments there is a whole life. At best, it doesn’t take more than ten seconds to convey that,” says director Inari Niemi.

Inari’s most famous works are the films Robin – The Movie (2012), Kesäkaverit (2014), Joulumaa (2017) and Valoa Valoa Valoa (2023), as well as the drama series Mieheni vaimo (2022). Kesäkaverit and Joulumaa received Jussi nominations in the categories of best film, best screenplay, best actress and best supporting actress, and Mieheni vaimo was nominated for Kultainen Venla in the categories of direction, screenplay and best drama series.