Drama Series

Mieheni Vaimo / My Husband’s Wife

  • Genre: Drama Series
  • Episodes / duration: 8
  • Screenwriter: Head writer: Juuli Niemi Episode writers: Anna Meling, Kira Poutanen
  • Director: Inari Niemi
  • Stage: Aired: YLE, TV1, Areena On Air
  • Financiers: YLE (Finnish Broadcasting Company), OneGate Media, Film Estonia, Finnish Film Foundation
  • International Sales: OneGate Media Gmbh

Mieheni Vaimo (IMDb)

A man dies suddenly, and his decade-long double life is revealed. Now the only person who can answer your most painful questions is she, your husband’s other wife.

Successful businessman Ahti suffers a stroke on a Tallinn-Helsinki ferry, and he’s rushed to the hospital in Helsinki. Two women arrive, each claiming to be his wife and the mother of his child. Within 24 hours, Ahti is dead of post-op complications, and leaves behind a thousand questions, financial problems and two partners and children who never knew about each other. The women find out that Ahti had remortgaged both of their homes to finance the development of a new, ecological clothing line. Were his innovation to succeed, it could save the faltering company, but can the widowed stay-at-home mum Katri handle running the company in the throes of her grief and shock, and can she do it together with Evelin, an Estonian-Finnish former go-go dancer? 

To save their and their children’s inheritances, these vastly different women end up living under the same roof. Despite the bitter circumstances and their 20-year age gap, a peculiar friendship and dependency starts to form between the two women. In outsiders’ eyes, the cohabitation of the two widows looks like an insane solution. While the women dig into Ahti’s secrets, they end up also uncovering themselves and their secrets to one another. My Husband’s Wife is a warmhearted drama that doesn’t give easy answers to the big questions. 

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