Roy / Susikoira Roi

Susikoira Roi / Roy

  • Genre: Adventure Family Movie
  • Episodes / duration: 83´
  • Director: Rane Tiukkanen
  • Stage: Cmore: On Air 2023; MTV: On Air Dec 2023
  • Target group: Family audience, Children
  • Territories: Free other than Finland 
  • Looking for: Ready made sales, Remakes Sales
  • Co-Producer: Whatever Group
  • Broadcaster/publisher: Cmore/MTV Finland
  • International Sales: Skoopmedia

Having recently moved to a new town, Valo is bullied, and also plagued by loneliness. Things change when she rescues an abandoned German Shepherd left for dead. Valo befriends the dog and names him Roi. When a neighbour’s little boy goes missing, the friends and Roi set out to solve the case. Roy, one of a kind is based on a very popular children’s novel series Susikoira Roi. This feature is a modernized stand-alone version of the first novel of the 20-novel series

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