Drama Series

Utö / Isolated

  • Genre: Mystery Thriller
  • Episodes / duration: 8 x 45´
  • Screenwriter: Lassi Vierikko, Petja Lähde
  • Director: Teppo Airaksinen Rane Tiukkanen Johannes Salonen
  • Stage: On Air Jan 2024
  • Financiers: Ruutu, Nelonen (Channel Four in Finland), OneGate Media, Film Estonia, Finnish Film Foundation
  • International Sales: OneGate Media Gmbh


On an autumn morning on the finnish island Utö, the last ferry departs, followed by strange phenomena causing fear and isolation. Electricity and water fail, communication ceases, and the lighthouse malfunctions. The islanders are left stranded, feeling nauseous and terrified.

It’s an ordinary morning on idyllic Utö, the southernmost of the inhabited islands that make up the Finnish Archipelago. Everyday life seems to be plodding on as usual for its community of 40 or so strong, silent types, who wait for the weekly ferry to arrive from the mainland.

As the boat disappears over the horizon, they hear a strange, booming sound that causes the island’s rats and birds to flee en masse and leaves the locals feeling nauseous. Soon, electricity and water supplies are failing all over the island. Radios and telephones stop working, until all contact with the outside world is cut off. The landmark lighthouse shuts down when its bulb shatters for no apparent reason. The only sailboat in the area is sent to get help but disappears en route – almost as if it had been swallowed up by the sea. Realising that they are stranded, the islanders are overcome by fear. 

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